13th July 2012

During prayers this morning I repeated the Creed over a few times.

Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother appeared. He spoke, “Listen to My Mother. She will teach you and instruct you today.” Then He left. Mary smiled and said, “We are very sorry, My child, for you. People ask you what our Blessed Lord and Mother say to you. We are very sorry about what people ask you, what’s new, what message do you receive! You tell them but the next day they ask you all over again “What’s New.”

“How superficially they accept what you tell them. These people live in curiosity they think it is like a game they play with.”

“Tell people to read the Holy Scripture and the prophesies. They will explain and help you to understand the times in which you are living and this is repeating right through history. What is prophesised is happening now.”

“Tell people to pray and have faith. Help us to save others, your sisters and brothers in Christ because there is nobody to teach them and know God.”

“Tell My children not to live in curiosity. They only have to look around the world and see how much suffering there is. I tell you, the world is sinking in deep ditches of mud and dirt which represents sin.

It causes so much grief to My Son and Me.