11th July 2012

The Angel of the Lord came and took me to the purification place in Purgatory.

He said, “I bring you to see who needs help. Some need more help than others.”

There was a Chinese lady who approached pushing a wheelchair with a man seated on it. Behind her was a crowd, all Asian. She spoke in her own language but I was given the grace to understand her. While we were there a woman also approached asking, “Can you help me?” I asked her, “Where do you come from?”

She answered, “I come from Miami.” I said, “What made you want to live there?”

She said, “Oh, I loved living there, it was my home.”

The Angel then spoke, “Do you know there will be a big disaster in Miami. A tidal wave will wipe the coastal area clear, where many people live.”

I said, “This is horrible.” And the Angel replied, “Tell people to pray and ask God for mercy, because He is very much offended in Miami.”

Lord Jesus please be merciful to the people in Miami.