3rd JULY, 2012

While I was praying this morning I had a vision of our Blessed Mother and our Lord Jesus who was standing next to our Blessed Mother. Around them was lightning and black clouds started to gather. I was very scared because I didn’t know what all this meant and what was going to happen. I was frightened.

Suddenly a brilliant light started to appear out of this darkness. In this light I saw two red Hearts appear side by side. I felt much happier, and I started to praise the Two Hearts but the darkness of the black clouds remained behind Them.

Suddenly the Blessed Mother spoke, “See our Hearts, they are both the same. If One suffers, then the other suffers. If one is happy and joyful so is the other one. That’s how our hearts are united as One. There is no barrier between them. You must tell this to people, what is shown to you.”

Our Lord Jesus then said, “See this darkness and black clouds, they are the storm clouds. Tell people I shall send storm upon storm and when their voices shall cry out I shall not hear them. I will turn away until they repent and ask Me for Mercy.” Our Lord Jesus was very sad and angry when He was telling me this message.

Our Blessed Mother Mary is showing us two Hearts, both wounded by our sins. If one suffers so does the other. Let us console Them by being better children.