1st JULY, 2012

During Holy Mass at St Margaret Mary’s, Merrylands

Our Lord Jesus said during the Holy Mass: “My child, adore My Precious Blood this month of July and tell all My faithful to do the same. My Children you give no thought nor do you mention My Precious Blood that was spilt so abundantly on Calvary, for all of you to be redeemed. Without my Sacred face you would not be washed from your sins that accumulated in your souls and darken the soul.”

“Adore my Precious Blood every day, not only in this month of July.”

Whilst at Home

Our Lord Jesus said, “My child, don’t hold back anything from Me. I teach you, more than anybody else, to offer Me everything. It is essential you do this.”

“I cannot fix the problem unless you offer Me everything that you think and do, especially offer Me the leaders of this country Australia.”

“I come to tell you that these leaders of the country of Australia are guided by evil forces and they are lying to the people. They try to control you and manipulate you. They like to tell you they are doing good but in reality they will make you poorer and suppress you more and more and will keep loading taxes onto you. These taxes will not make any difference to the environment nor make the air that you breathe cleaner.

They will try to control you more and more.”

“Soon you will not be so free even spiritually. I tell you My children, soon it will not be so easy, you will be stripped of your freedom, but don’t despair with all this, pray a lot and trust in Me and My Blessed Mother.”

“We will help you, as time passes, everyday life will become more difficult. Remain faithful to Me. I bless you all My children.”

He then said to me, “Repeat the following prayer very often:

“Thou shall not tempt my Lord and my God, only to Him I shall trust and serve.”

“Say this often and make the sign of the cross three times and it will make the devil part and flee away.”