26th June, 2012

An angel appeared during my prayers. “I come to tell you in Italy they will experience a big disaster. Mount Etna will erupt severely. Our Lord Jesus is very offended by the Italian people. Most of them sin in a big way and disobey all His laws.”

“Warn the people to pray to the Divine Mercy to prevent this disaster from happening.”

The vision given to my by the angel was horrible. In front of me, an eruption of this volcano, spewing lava and ashes was covering the populated area. People were running and screaming in all directions.

The angel said, “The Italian people are very stubborn and proud.”

Or Lord Jesus appeared and said, “Italian people offend Me greatly. They never turn away from their evil deeds. For this reason I shall send then this punishment as a wakeup call. They will soon realise their Lord and God is not pleased with their evil doings. Tell people to repent and ask Me for My mercy to be forgiven.”

Our Lord and God was very sad to give this message.