19th June, 2012

St Raphael’s Church. Today, When I arrived for Holy Mass I was a beautiful light before me. Within the light I saw Jesus, Mary and Arc angel Raphael.

Holy Mary smiled and said, “We were waiting for you to come. When you entered the church, the light glowed all over the church.”

“Again, I will talk to you about the people who attend this church. They offend me and my Son very much. So little respect and knowledge they have of the Gospel of God in this Holy place. They talk in loud voices and disturb others who want to pray in silence. No one honours the Holy Tabernacle, with my Son Jesus present.”

“Tell people to change. He is truly represent and a living God. Tell people to change and pray the Holy Rosary before Sunday Mass. If they don’t listen they may even lose their Priest. How I beg my children to pray. Only through prayer you will receive all the graces and petitions. Only God can grant what you ask.”

Thankyou, my beautiful mother.