17th June, 2012

During morning prayers I asked Our Lord to protect all people.

Suddenly a vision appeared high in the sky, a huge dome. What I saw was very unpleasant, the colours were a combination of black, grey and a very deep red. Then, the Holy Face of Jesus appeared in the centre. He was very sad. I knew by the colours that this was not a good sign.

The Our Lord’s Face was gone. He appeared again and looked at me with more sorrow on His Face. I noticed tears running down His cheeks and then He was gone again. A few minutes later He came back for the third time.

Within the centre of the darkening colours Jesus appeared wearing the crown of thorns leaning to one side. His expression even more sorrowful. I started to weep. I said, “Be merciful to the world and to all the people.”

Then the vision vanished.

I could not get out of my mind this vision. I knew the red represented blood and the dark colours denoted sin.

Later that day, I attended midday Mass, I offered the intentions of Our Lord’s sufferings. When I received Holy Communion an explanation of the morning vision came to me.

Our Lord then spoke, “My child, I showed you the enormous vision of sin which accumulates and reaches all the way to Heaven. The darkness of man’s soul is worsening. The red represents the blood of innocent children who are killed in Syria and other places in the world.”

“These innocent children cry to Me for justice to be done on earth and it is not far from now that I the King and Lord will judge severely and it will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“To watch all that is in front of me,” He indicated with a sweep of His Holy hand, “My agony increases in My Passion. Console Me My child, for what you have seen, pray that My justice will come soon.”

Our Lord was in tears as He was delivering this message to me.

Please play and console our Lord Jesus to have mercy on the world.