13th November, 1995

When I was praying and I consecrated my heart to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mary came to me, she was very joyous and happy and them she said: “In some of my previous messages you saw my Immaculate Heart and I explained it to you, but today you are honoured with a great grace – that you will experience the interior of my Immaculate Heart.”

I felt so privileged, as though I was the only blessed child in the world loved by our Blessed Mother for that moment.

Then Our Lady said, “Look, I am feeding you and nurturing you as a little infant and protecting you an so many graces are pouring out of my Immaculate Heart into yours. I want you to tell all my children what you experienced today. I receive each individual with a pure heart, everyone will be worthy of this grace.”

I was in an aura of light and we were so united, when the Blessed Mother spoke to me, and she spoke to me I could hear the most beautiful angelic singing I had ever heard, although I could not see them, I could hear and was overwhelmed with joy as the angels glorified Our Lord and the Holy Virgin Mary.

The holy Virgin Mary was dressed all in white with a blue sash tired around her waist.

I wanted to stay with her forever in the glorious state of joy that I felt in our intimate unity. She said, “Do not be afraid of what comes into your life because you know where to come for my protection – to My Immaculate Heart which is your refuge. My wish is that you sincerely consecrate your heart to mine every day. That means that you belong to me, My children.”

She smiled with great love and said, “My wish is that My children’s hearts are united with mine and through me, to My Son, Jesus’ Sacred Heart, which are one heart.”

Thankyou Blessed Mother for loving us so intimately, we love you too.