MID 1995


At 2am I started to receive suffering all over my body.

The Holy Angel came and told me, “Tonight you will not sleep. Our Lord Jesus gives you very deep suffering for the people. Don’t worry I will stay with you.”

The suffering was excruciating, I was screaming from the pain all over my body. My body was cut all in pieces. The Holy Angel explained the reason behind the suffering of each part of my body.

The right arm was cut in three parts. He said, “This is for the people who died without being baptised.” But still he said, “God tried to save them.”

The left arm equally cut in many pieces. It was more painful. The Angel said, “This is for the people who were cursing God and swearing. They offend Him terribly.”

The right leg, the suffering I was received was for those who were murderers and robbers and disobeyed God’s Holy Commandments.

The left leg, the suffering was for those who did not know God and who were swearing.

The rest of the body, the suffering was for Bosnia and Hercegovina where the war was happening.

I then said to the Angel, “Wouldn’t it be better to cover up my bleeding and chopped up body? It looks horrible.” The Angel replied, “It doesn’t bother me.”

It was about S.30am and the Angel said to me, “Now our Lord Jesus will come and He will put you back together and everything will be back to normal.”

Then our Lord did appear. He stood next to me. He then placed His Holy Hand on my face and moved His hand gradually right down to my legs and feet and everything came back to normal. My body became one.

Our Lord smiled and said, “Now you can rest and sleep My child.”

I was very drawn from the experience. I was left like someone who was anemic. Our Lord and the Angel then went away and let me rest.