13th November

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “My child, it is time for Me to give you a message of My coming. My coming is very near, tell people. I am coming before I’m expected to, My coming is very near.

I answered sadly, “Lord Jesus, not all the people are yet ready for your arrival.”

He replied, “don’t worry, not all the people will be ever ready for My coming. What ever I promised will be done, time has passed but My word will and has remained. Tell people to be happy and to rejoice every day about My coming and tell them to pray, LORD JESUS COME, LORD JESUS COME, LORD JESUS TO YOUR KINGDOM. Tell them to repeat this constantly throughout the day.”

I answered, “thankyou my God and my Lord.” At this time when I received this message, Lord Jesus was sitting on a throne very happily, He wore the most unusual but beautiful outfit, that consisted of a wine red and purple colouring trimmed with gold. Whilst speaking to me He seamed extremely joyous about His nearing arrival.