4th November

Holy Mother from Heaven said, “My child, I am so sad at the things that people ask you to pray for on their behalf. They ask you to pray for the grace to see me as you do. How little faith in God they have when they ask such a thing. How superficial is their reception of my message. They take my messages as a game, they don’t take them seriously. Don’t they realise what is going on in the world. The world is in complete darkness, full of sin. Look at Me, how I cry constantly for My children. Take My messages Seriously, I beg of you and live them so that you can help Me.

People think that praying one Our Father, one Hail Mary they should see Me straight away. My children, don’t live out of curiosity, take prayer Seriously. I don’t decide who can see Me or not, it is God Who decides this. It is a special grace that God chooses such a soul for His purposes and every day God gives suffering to that soul in sacrificing itself to God. Tell people that when they pray sincerely from their hearts, I am near them. They have no need to see me, I am present.

Here in this homeland of Australia, people sacrifice very little for God, they like a life of ease. For the little they pray they expect instant answers and to be rewarded straight away. Look at Me, how sad I am, I cry for all these. Tell them to receive whatever God gives them, even sufferings. Tell them to pray and to sacrifice themselves for the world so that My Immaculate Heart will triumph over the sins of the world.”

I beg of you, let us all take seriously her messages and help her. God bless you.