13th October 2014

Since Jesus revealed Himself to me in agony on the huge cross I had been praying to console our precious suffering Lord Jesus.
Three days later while saying my morning prayers, an Angel and our Lord Jesus appeared before me. Our Lord was holding something in His Holy Hands, and then He passed it to the Angel. Jesus was very joyful and so was the Angel.
The Angel then said to me, “Put your hands out.” And he placed the Sacred Heart of Jesus in my hands. The shape of the Heart of Jesus was longish but a heart shape which we are familiar with. It was full of beautiful colours, on the outer sides of the Sacred Heart was like long leaves similar to a gum leaf, not attached to the heart. In the middle of the Heart was Golden colour on either sides there was silver and then next to the silver colour was orange and reddish, not deep colour gentle, very beautiful. In the golden and silver parts there were sparkles shooting out. It was a living heart from which came out silver and gold sparks.
I thought this is so beautiful but what does this all mean. I knew it was something good and joyful.
Then our Lord Jesus smiling answered me. “Today I want to reveal My Sacred Heart Internally. When I am sad and offended My Heart bleeds and it’s pierced with thorns in agonizing pain but today I reveal My Sacred Heart to you because you console Me. You see so much love and so much grace. When I am consoled by My children My Sacred Heart is full of joy.
I want to tell you today that I have revealed My Sacred Internal Heart to you which I have not revealed to anyone else.
Tell My children that is how I feel when you console Me, My children. My Heart is joyful. Please console Me for the world offends Me too much.”
May the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus be praised and loved forever.