13 November 2014

A place called the Wonder and the Reward and the Joy of Heaven
In the morning, while I was praying I had a vision. The Angel appeared to me and He said, “Our Lord has asked me to take you with me and to reveal something beautiful to you.”
During this time, I had gone through a lot physical suffering for the Holy Souls, and was feeling down and a even a little upset. All of a sudden with the angel we found ourselves in a most beautiful place that I had never experienced before.
We found ourselves standing inside a place that looked like a palace, but was made up of sections. To my left and to my right I could see that it was made of glass. The interior walls were also made of glass.
In the centre of this place I could see a most splendid display of objects and ornaments. I could see vases and glassware. I could see exquisite ornaments and tableware, things that you would normally find on a coffee table. I could see a pattern of small branches and leaves, all made of gold, here and there very elegantly assembled.
 As I looked at the wall to my right I could see many images made of what looked like crystal glass. I recognised in one image a round ball, and it was made of a combination of blue material, of crystal and a white material. It was transforming into different glowing and shining objects, from white to blue into a very pale blue.
I then noticed the image of St Anthony holding baby Jesus. I could see an intense glow around this image, which seemed to be moving. It was so beautiful..
I continued to follow the Angel through to another long section of the palatial building, which lead us to what looked like the middle of the building where there were more beautiful displays.
We then came to another section, and it was even more exquisite. The objects here were even more beautiful and elegant.
What I noticed in the centre of all of this, was a most beautiful pure, white, porcelain, statue, of our Blessed Mother. She was all in brilliant white.
 I was so overjoyed. “Oh Blessed Mother it’s you” I said.
The Angel then said, “Well, She is the Queen of Heaven. She has the highest honour in Heaven so she is the centre of this place.”
Of all the images and crystal displays of saints that are in this heavenly Palace, our Blessed Mother’s image is the main one. She is the highest one, she is Queen of Heaven.
 There were many images of saints made from crystal. I understood that whoever is highly rewarded by God, their image is placed on display in this heavenly Palace.  It seemed to be endless. I felt so peaceful and so joyful.
 The angel asked me, “Do you enjoy this vision?”
I said to the angel, “I have never seen anything like it. This is different from the previous place you have shown me. What is this place called?”
The Angel replied, “This place is the Wonder, and the Reward and the Joy of Heaven for people.”
I cannot describe the immense beauty of this place.
Thank you Blessed Mother.