Friday 14 November 2014

The Blessed Mother appeared to me with an angel whilst I was praying.
She said, “Praised be Jesus. Love my Son and console Him for He is very offended and denied among the people in the world. I tell you my children I come to warn you of the dangerous times in which you live.”
“The devil is ruling in the world, he is causing wars, the killing of innocent people, manipulating everyone, even the leaders of the nations. He tells them how to lie and to control everyone. Your freedom is slowly being taken away from you. For this reason I come to ask you my children to pray the Holy Rosary every day. Through prayer you can change the world.”
“I want to tell you in this message that my Son Jesus chose Valentina for His instrument. He gives her a lot of suffering and bodily pain. They are different from the normal pains in the world. Most people experience common pains.”
“Valentina serves my Son with humility, patience and love. She has been chosen for the Parramatta prayer group. Whenever she is there everyone receives a very special blessing by my Son and me. Whenever people invite Valentina to a prayer group, we are there as well and they receive special graces and blessings personally from my Son Jesus and from Myself
“We in Heaven are very happy when Valentina shares her visions and experiences with people and you all learn and benefit from these. My children, we love you all and encourage you to pray.
Pray the Holy Rosary. The more you pray the sooner the world will be better.”
“I bless you my children and tell you how much we love you all.”
Thank you my Mother, Queen of the Holy Rosary. Pray for us.
The Blessed Mother blessed me personally and smiling she said, “I have to go back, be courageous and feed the people. They are very hungry.” She meant they are hungry for God’s Word.
She looked so beautiful, wearing a soft pink dress and a white mantle.