13th OCTOBER, 2015.

This morning during prayers, the Blessed Mother appeared to me. She was very joyful.
She smiled and said, “I come on this day, Fatima Day. Thousands and thousands of people will gather in Fatima to celebrate 98 years since My apparition.  Even St John Paul the second and all of Heaven will be present.  Hopefully, Pope Francis will be present too.”

“Pray for Pope Francis.  He works very hard to bring the faithful back to him.”

“I know you would like to be in Fatima too.  Since you cannot, go to church and we will all meet spiritually together.”

I said, “Blessed Mother, will world peace come soon?”

She answered, “Not likely.  It needs much prayer and conversion.”

Thank you, Holy Mary Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.  Pray for us.