8 December 2015


Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception

Lord Jesus appeared to me and spoke to me during the prayer of the Holy Rosary (during the Holy Hour of Grace) and before the Holy Mass.

He appeared in a white tunic. He was very joyous.

Jesus said, “My child I want you to tell people you are going through very difficult times: terrorism, wars and difficulties in your lives. You don’t feel safe wherever you go.”

“However, know that you are also very blessed that you live in this extraordinary time. I give you a very special Grace of Mercy”

“My successor, Pope Francis in Rome was given a special grace from Heaven, for all who wish to receive this very special Gift of Mercy and forgiveness which comes from My Love.”

“Let me remind you My children that you must go to Confession and Reconciliation, to be forgiven for all your sins so that you may live in a state of Grace.”

“My Children, even though this special Grace of Mercy, given to all My children, is for a year, it is only a short period of time.”

“Be very grateful and appreciative. This Grace will not last forever, I shall close My Gates of Mercy soon.”

“Take the opportunity now to accept this extraordinary Grace while it is given to you. Encourage others to do the same. Speak to people of My Love for all, while the Gate of My Mercy is gushing forth and flooding you from Heaven, purifying and cleansing you of sin.”

“Pray for Pope Francis, he is really trying very hard to encourage people to change for the salvation of their own soul.”

If a person truly repents from their heart and passes through the Gates of Mercy, then if that person was to die suddenly during this Year of Mercy their soul can reach Heaven right away.

Merciful Jesus, have mercy on us all and give us courage to go through this time. We thank you for this Great Grace that You give us.