13th September, 2004

At home this morning while praying the Angelus two Angels appeared in a vision, and they said, “Adore the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Console Him for others. Adore Him in the most Sacred Sacrament of the Altars of the Church. Adore Him and love Him, praise Him for He is worthy of all praise.”

A moment later, the Angel placed a little watch in my hand. At that moment. God the Father approached. I said, “Glory and praise to You, Almighty Father, for ever and ever. I love Thee, my Father.”

He smiled and said in a very loving manner, “My daughter, the watch is a symbol which My Angel placed in your hand. Constantly, you look at the time in order to wake in the morning, it is a constant reminder that you have to be on time. People move through time, they are constantly guided by time, even to the precise time of arriving to church. Yes, My children, all is time and you are guided by time.”

“Don’t forget. My children, to be grateful, for it is I, your Creator and Father who guides you and permits you all to be in time.”

“I also came to tell you today, that the time is ticking very fast. My children. Awake from your slumber. There are very dangerous threats in the world. Many terrorists are planning to kill you and planning many evil things all over the world. Be alert, convert, repent to Me soon, today if possible not tomorrow. Tomorrow may already be too late.”

“My Son, Jesus’ Sacred Heart is so offended by all the sinful deeds that are committed in the world with no shame or any remorse.” God the Father explained, “My children, I love you so much. You have no idea how much We love you in Heaven. I come to you as God the Father in the Spirit, but My Son Jesus can feel the pain for He is the God – Man. Convert and console My Son for I, God the Father, will come to judge the world very soon for the time is ticking very fast.”

Valentina concluded, “Thanks to You, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. Please take this message to heart and encourage others to convert.