9th September, 2004

Our Lord said, “Valentina, leave all your worries to Me. Your job is to bring Me people and convert them. Speak of Me always and of My infinite love.”

“Go and preach everywhere. Bring Me the unfortunate and sick so that I can heal them. Tell them of repentance. Once they repent and are cleaned of all that is dirty in their souls, I shall embrace them with My special graces. They must confess first.”

“Go, My child to the fields everywhere. Pick all the weeds out, root them out and when you finish in that place and the next, for there are so many weeds to be cleaned, for the good crop is choking. You must weed all out.”

I answered, “Have Mercy, My Lord”.

Our Lord refers to sin and conversion. Please confess properly to a priest if you wish to receive graces from Our Lord, and He will bless you and love you in return.