28th August, 2004

During the wedding of a friend’s son. Our Lord Jesus said to me while I was praying, “My child, remember that it is I who arrange for you everything. I plan ahead of things in time. It pleases Me when you are not certain of your decision. Ask Me if it is My will. I am very happy when you ask Me. Tell everyone to trust Me more in their everyday lives.”

“Like this wedding. You kept putting it off. I was watching you. Then your friend called and with a little more encouragement that came from Me through My beloved daughter (N…) to help you to say yes to attending the wedding because, I, Your Lord, wanted you to be there.”

“Remember, My child, the wedding in Cana, Galilee. They were so happy to have Me at their wedding. They were also very happy to have My Mother, who also was there. Do not forget to invite My Mother everywhere you go. She too is part of your life. At the wedding, she asked Me to change the water to wine. She wants people to recognise Me as their God.”

“All was for your teaching, what I have done on earth in example to remember My life for your life in salvation. I still perform miracles every day. Some people recognise them, others ignore them, but they all come from Me so you can learn more about Me and love Me.”

At the wedding reception Our Lord said, “You ask Me to bless all the people at this wedding, especially the bride and groom, and they receive My special blessing in their new life together and you must pray for them.”

Our Lord lamented, “How many marriages break these days because they don’t ask Me for My blessing in unity to stay together. So much I have to offer. If only they would trust Me more. I suffer to see My love rejected everywhere.”

After the reception Our Lord said, “Valentina, I could not communicate with you as it was too noisy. We could only meet in peaceful moments and be united. Share My love and peace with everyone.”

I replied, “We love you! Lord Jesus, for loving us so much”. Peace is very essential in our lives. Our Lord wants us to pray for peace always.