14 August 2005 (previously unpublished)

14 August 2005 (previously unpublished)

Holy Angels carry beautiful golden Ciborium

This night, like almost any other night, I was in deep physical pain.

I knew that our Lord needed my suffering to save souls. Apart from my physical suffering I was tormented by the devil. These ugly faces kept appearing in front of me and tormenting me.


I kept calling Holy Michael the Archangel to help me. Finally, after at least four hours all the demons left.

I then started to pray, but even my prayer was not good enough because I was still in intense pain, all over my body. I felt like I was going to die.

I said to the Lord, “I cannot even go to church this morning.” It was Sunday morning.


I said, “Please, my Lord, ask the holy Angel to bring me Holy Communion spiritually, if it is Your Holy Will.”


Suddenly, two angels came carrying a beautiful golden ciborium. Inside I could see white Hosts. The angels stood in front of me and I kneeled down. They asked me to say the Act of Contrition. When I finished, the angel placed the Holy Host on my tongue and I started to cry. I was crying tears of gratitude. I was so happy. The love of Jesus filled my soul and I thanked Him very much.


It was so real, the Host on my tongue. Both angels said to me, in a serious tone, “Why are you crying, you should be very grateful to God for His goodness”.


I said, “That is why I am crying. I am overwhelmed. I am thinking, our Lord is so good to me, that is why I am crying. I am nothing and the Lord is so kind to come to me.”

The angels are always very serious about telling us what to do, because they are obedient to God.


While the angels were talking to me our Lord Jesus was standing to my right. He placed His Holy Hand on my right shoulder and He was consoling me. I felt so much love and goodness coming from Him by comforting me, that I cannot explain.


Lord Jesus, in His goodness and kindness, offers consolations. Whatever we are feeling emotionally inside, our Lord can feel that as well. It is beyond our human understanding how He can feel everything we feel.


Today I lamented to the Lord, “Nothing went right, only disappointments. Why am I always last?” I was thinking in my human way.


Our Lord replied immediately, “My child, don’t question, just accept whatever comes to you. You will know one day why. Not here, but in My Holy Presence you will receive the answers and you will be very grateful, for I love you so much and you will praise Me for everything.”


I said, “Thank you Lord for all your graces and blessings, love and mercy.”