15th August, 2005


Our Lady spoke, “My child, rejoice and be happy for your Mother. She went body and soul into Heaven.”

“When I arrived into Heaven there was much rejoicing amongst the Heavenly beings on My arrival. Every year, on this day when you celebrate this feast on earth, it is repeated in Heaven the same way as on My first arrival.”
“My children, when My Son was crucified on earth, so was I crucified, spiritually, with sorrow and pain in My heart to see My Son suffering in agony.”

“Why I was crucified with My Son was for a very good reason. See, My daughter, I am between Heaven, earth and Purgatory. Continuously I am suffering for you all, My children, and bring you to My Son for your salvation. Many times I save you from tragedies to spare you all. So little gratitude is given to Me and My Son, but you, My children, devotee and consecrated to My Immaculate Heart help Me to save humanity from this evil adversity.”

“Continuously help Me so that My Immaculate Heart will achieve peace and love amongst all humanity. My children, I am the Mother of Hope. My Son will soon be recognised and loved by all hearts. I love you and bless you on this very special feast of the Assumption.”

When Our Blessed Mother was speaking to me, She showed me herself stretched on a cross. This represented that She is crucified and suffering for us.