22nd August, 2005


Early this morning, while praying the Creed before starting the Rosary, a beautiful vision came to me of Jesus, Mary and the Angels. Jesus was clothed in a white robe. Mary was seated, dressed in a very pale blue dress and mantle with a white veil. They were both very sad.

Blessed Mother spoke, “We are of royal descent. We could both choose to have been royalty on earth, but we chose to be poor and humble, for the poor people. My children, honour us as Heavenly King and Queen. The world offends My Son very deeply. My children, pray. There is so much prayer needed for the world to be better.”

Mary was silent then, and the Angel came forward and spoke, “I come to warn you that there will be another tsunami soon, bigger than the previous one. It will reach all the way to New Guinea and Australia. I tell you, when this will happen, people will have a different view of their lives and will try to amend them. They will have a different point of view of their lives and they will know that God is offended for He sends this punishment to them.”

In a vision the Angel showed me a lot of very high waves, filled with debris. I was shocked and said, “Oh no, not again, another tsunami! The poor people!” The Angel looked at me very seriously when I spoke this way, He said, “Always say, let it be the will of God. You saw how sad were Our Lord and Queen. This is a warning ahead of time so that people can pray.”

I prayed after the Angel had left me. I prayed, “Lord, I place all in Your Almighty Holy Hands. Still, I would like to be sure that this message is from You.” Instantly, Our Lord appeared, smiling, and He said, “Yes, this is confirmed. Write it down.”

Lord, have mercy on us.
Holy Queen of Heaven, pray for us.