14 January 2024

Guardian Angels Take the Poor Souls to Holy Mass

Each morning, my room is always full of Holy Souls who come begging for help. Once they die, they cannot help themselves. I usually take these souls to Mass and offer them to our Lord at the Holy Altar.

However, I could not do this during the holiday period as, on weekdays, there was no daytime Mass. There was only the early morning Mass, which I could not attend and afterwards, the Church would be closed.

So I asked my Guardian angels, one or two of them, as there are always some angels around me, to take the Holy Souls in my room to the Church. Each morning, I would say to the angels, “Please take all these Holy Souls and others too—take them to the Church before the Holy Mass is offered, and place them at the foot of the Holy Cross of the Altar and ask Lord Jesus to be merciful to them, so He would bless them and help them.”

The angels did as I asked and took all the Holy Souls to present them to our Lord at the Holy Mass.

When we cannot attend Holy Mass, we can send our Guardian Angels to take Holy Souls to Church—they can do that for us. The angels can place the offertory before the Holy Altar. During the Holy Mass, when our Lord is manifesting, they can ask Him, which the angels have the privilege to do, to be merciful to the souls, and they can ask our Lord to take them to Heaven, or whatever our Lord chooses to do with them. Once these souls are taken to the Church and offered to our Lord, they do not return.

Definitely, this inspiration would not come to me unless it was given to me by our Lord. This is something we can all do. Our Guardian Angels are waiting and happy for us to do this—to take the poor souls to the Holy Mass and offer them to our Lord.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for this beautiful grace.