14 January 2024

Golden Flame Appears on the Holy Altar During the Holy Mass

Today, during the Holy Mass, before the Consecration, our Lord asked me, “Do you believe I Am holy?”

I said, “Lord, I always know that You are holy. You are the Holiest of all Holiness.”

Then, all of a sudden, as the priest was preparing the gifts and offering prayers before the Elevation, I noticed a beautiful golden flame of Light appear on the Altar. It was on the Crucifix, just below it—a golden flame, like fire, alive and moving.

Amazed at seeing this beautiful vision, I thought, ‘It couldn’t be the light coming from the candles on the Altar as there was no candle near the Crucifix. Where was that light coming from?’

Lord Jesus said, “See, I Am showing you the flame—that represents that I Am truly present on each Altar during the Holy Mass.”

It was so beautiful. During the Consecration, our Lord is manifesting on the Altar, and the flame was there for a long time, and then all of a sudden, it disappeared.

After the Mass, I approached the priest, and said, “Father Tom, Jesus loves you, be faithful to Him.”

He said, “Thank you, Valentina. Pray for me.”