8 January 2024

Prayer Group Gathering for Christmas


Yesterday, we gathered at Eric’s house to pray the Cenacle Rosary and to share in the celebration of Christmas. Veronique led the prayers and offered the rosary for the intentions of our Blessed Mother—this is what our Lady requests each time we pray the Cenacle Rosary.

This morning, when I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother appeared. Smiling, she said, “I come to thank you, my children, for uniting in a smaller group than your usual Cenacle Prayer Group gathering. It was good that you offered your prayers for my intentions, which I need so much now, in this time, when there is so much evil in the world—for the needy and for protection from the evil.”

“My messages are ignored and not taken seriously. My plea for the world is for conversion and repentance. Even you, my children, who are very devoted to me, take my messages very lightly. You were carried away with your talking—it was more of a social gathering than a prayer group. You should be more spiritual in your gathering. Valentina, my daughter, I could not communicate with you yesterday. It was very noisy.”

“Do you know what I desired while you were at Eric’s house? It was for the group to gather around me and take a photo with me.”

Our Blessed Mother showed me in a vision where she wanted us to stand and crouch in front of her statue, which sat on a beautifully prepared table. She said, “You would have been embraced by the Heavenly Light, but sadly, you missed it.”

Smiling, she said, “As for you, Valentina, if you would have placed both your hands on the edge of the altar, you would have experienced something wonderful.” As our Blessed Mother was telling me this, I could see in a vision the fingers of both my hands placed on the edge of the table.

I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, I felt in my heart to place my hands on the altar but did not feel it was right to do so.”

Sadly, as a group, we missed out on graces from Heaven that were being given to us at that precise moment.

Blessed Mother, I am very sorry that we were carried away in conversation and not being obedient to you and to the Holy Will of God