7 January 2024

God the Father Appears in Royal Majestic Dress

Throughout the night, I suffered so much pain in my leg that I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, the Angel of the Lord came and said, “Valentina, come with me. You have some cleaning to do, and souls are waiting to be helped.”

Suddenly, I found myself in a place where angels instructed me on what to do. I started washing clothing that looked like that of boys and young men.

The Angel explained why I was chosen to do this cleaning, saying, “Valentina, you are very particular and careful when you wash the clothes.”

Once I had washed the clothes and squeezed the remaining water out, I placed them in a basket. The Angel would then deliver the basket to a saintly lady dressed all in white who sat a few metres away to my right. She then closely inspected the clothing to ensure I had thoroughly washed away the stains [of sin]. This saintly lady would then decide whether this group of young men was purified enough to go to Heaven.

While washing and cleaning the clothing, a beautiful red and gold-embroidered stiff and thick woven fabric suddenly appeared to my right, slightly elevated. To my great surprise, in the middle of this fabric, sitting majestically, was God the Father!

God the Father was robed in the same red and gold royal fabric, and to my amazement, He also wore slippers of the same rich fabric. He wore a headdress of the same red and gold, similar to a mitre.

God the Father stood up and took a couple of steps towards me. He then blessed me by making the Sign of the Cross, and then He would go back. He did this three times. It appeared He was blessing the washed clothing.

I was so amazed watching Him. When He returned to sit down, I said to myself, ‘I better continue with my washing because God the Father is watching me.’

The next minute, a young man with blonde hair appeared from the corner. He brought a pair of creamy-coloured lace-up ankle boots—made of very strong, thick material. They appeared to be men’s size. The young man placed the boots right next to my cleaned washing. I was a bit annoyed that he put them so close to the cleaned clothes.

Later that day, at the High Mass, God the Father appeared. He smiled and said, “I, God the Father, come to explain to you what all you did and experienced earlier means. The cleaning, washing, and pain in your legs was for souls—a last-minute preparation for them to be released to come home to Heaven.”

“The boots you received from Me are My protection for you against the evil that is now happening in the world and also for you to walk among people to proclaim My Holy Word.”

“My Royal Majestic Dress represents the Kingship and Royalty that My Son Jesus received through the three Wise Men and Kings who paid homage to Him, bringing Him gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and gold. They knew He is the King, the Holiest of all Holiness, and no one is above Him. He will reign forever. Tell people to honour My Son and to love Him and to praise Him.”

Thank You, my loving Father. We love You, too.