14 November 2021

Many Graces Lost when Churches were Closed

Today during Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, I want you to offer to Me all the Holy Souls in Purgatory.”

He lamented, “Do you know that during the Coronavirus, when all the churches were closed everywhere, many graces were lost? These graces are usually received by all the people present at the Holy Masses, and from which, they all benefit, both in their body and their soul.”

“During the closure of the Churches, even the souls had to suffer more; they had to wait longer to be offered at the foot of the Holy Altar. But today, there will be rejoicing for many souls; their liberation has come. Such a joy and praising God after a long purification.”

Smiling and in a teasing tone, our Lord Jesus said, “All these souls will be nourished by you, and I tell you, they will all be raised to Heaven, their heavenly home.”

He said, “Look, Valentina! I will show you.”

“Wow! I said, “Lord, there are so many of them.”

Suddenly I could see many souls, as they were coming from the adjacent Chapel walking in a procession into the Cathedral, through the centre and towards the main Altar, where the Holy Mass was being celebrated. They were in a large group, huddled very close to each other, all walking, taking very gentle steps. They stood in front of the Altar, aiming for relief. They were not suffering while in the Church, and our Lord permitted them to be there.

They were all happy and rejoicing and eagerly waiting.

He said, “See how many of them there are?”

“Today, all of them will rejoice. See, they will be nourished by Valentina! Offer them all to Me. It will be such a joy.”

“Lord, how beautiful,” I said.

When I came back to my pew after receiving Holy Communion, I thanked the Lord for receiving Him. After I offered the souls present at the Altar, and with the Holy Communion nourished them, I watched as a bright golden light appeared swirling above the Altar, and all the souls were swept into this light and vanished.

I didn’t know that when you offer the souls to our Lord that they still have to wait. The souls cannot help themselves even if they beg. Our Lord would not listen, but someone must direct them to Him. These were special souls who needed the benefits of this Holy Mass to be able to go to Heaven. I don’t know how long they were in Purgatory. Our Lord is so good and so kind.

A soul once described to me how they were taken to Heaven. Brilliant heavenly lights start to swirl around them, and they are powerless as they are pulled up as if by a magnet. The soul passes through a tunnel, guided by the angels; it is swept higher and higher into the Universe to their heavenly home. Then God the Father and Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother welcome the souls. There is such joy and rejoicing in Heaven for each soul.

It is never-ending with the Holy Souls, but today a large group entered Heaven.

Lord, thank you and have mercy on the Holy Souls.

Our Lord reminds me and says, “Keep praying and don’t forget there are many more souls because each day people are dying.”