14 October 2022

Hand Disinfectant is not good for you

Our Lord often said to me, “Valentina, I will give you a little advice. People are using a lot of this disinfectant solution (for their hands) as they think it is good, but I tell you that it is not good for you, for none of you.”

“People put it on (apply it), thinking it will protect them from germs. Actually, as you rub it in, you close the pores of your skin, and because every skin breathes and has a lot of pores, with this disinfectant, you place like a seal over your skin.”

“The skin has to breathe, and the disinfectant is like silicone; it covers up the germs and closes the pores.”

“I advise you that it is better for you to leave your hands as they are, and when you can, wash them in hot or cold water with a lot of soap, and that will remove the germs. The best is soap and water!”

“So, if you apply just the disinfectant, you cover up the germs you carry from touching things. The germs breed under the seal of this disinfectant, and this can lead to many consequences, such as skin rashes, even though not right away, but people will experience this.”

“The disinfectant has some kind of chemical that can penetrate your pores and enter your body, which is not healthy. The chemical is not good for your skin.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for this advice and protect us from the chemicals that can harm our bodies.