7 October 2022

Baby Jesus with Tears of Blood

This morning while I was praying the Angelus, Blessed Mother came with Baby Jesus.

He was about eight months old and was wearing a little white tunic, like a nightie. Blessed Mother was wearing a beautiful white dress with a mantle. You could only see a little of her bare feet, her toes.

She said, “I know how much you love my Son, and that is why He comes to you as a little Bub. Tell Him that you love Him, and in that way, you make Him happy, and you console Him.”

While Blessed Mother was telling me about little Jesus, I was playing with Him. But I noticed He was not happy but rather restless, moving around and tossing. Suddenly, He turned to me, and I noticed Blood came out of His right Eye. He was looking at me very sad.

A tissue appeared in my hand, and I was about to wipe His Holy Eye, but I said to myself, “I better ask Blessed Mother for her permission.”

I was suddenly overcome with a deep sadness in my heart, to the point that I felt like crying seeing Baby Jesus crying tears of Blood. It started from the little corner of His eye and fell down His face. It was quite a thick tear of Blood.

I said, “Maybe I’d better wipe the tear with a tissue.”

Blessed Mother Mary most Holy, in a serious tone of voice, said, “No! Don’t wipe it. Leave it.”

“My Son tried to show you how much He suffers for humanity, crying to the point that He cannot cry normal tears but tears of Blood.”

“Do you know how painful that is? For all the abuses, sacrileges and denials that He receives.”

He is denied, He is abused, and He is sacrileged.”

“He cries for so many innocent children being killed, for so many who are dying of hunger, that nobody helps them, yet there are so many rich and wealthy people in the world. They close their doors to the less fortunate. The greed and the evil take over the world.”

“My daughter Valentina I can go on and on and tell you how much sin offends my Son. But I want you to remind my children to pray the Holy Rosary and to encourage one another. The Holy Rosary is the most powerful prayer against all evil, and you receive many special graces.”

“I am the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and I lead you to my Son Jesus. In that way, you all give Him consolation so that in return, He blesses you with many graces and blessings.”

Comment: How can our Lord be happy when He sees all that is going on in the world? We have to pray harder for the conversion of sinners.

My Little Jesus, we love You. Have mercy on us.

In the end, Lord Jesus said, “Now you understand why I shed My Tears of Blood for all these offences.”