2 October 2022

Souls in Purgatory asking for Cup of Coffee

This morning, the angel took me to Purgatory again, where I met many Holy Souls. This time most of them were ladies.

They all came up to the angel and me with open hands, saying, “We want something from your hands. Give us something. We are hungry and thirsty. You promised to buy us a cup of coffee, but you still haven’t.”

All of a sudden, in a container on the ground, I could see black coffee. I thought the souls would need some milk in their coffee, so I said, “Wait! I’ll get some milk for you.”

As I turned around, I could see another container with milk on the ground, and when I lifted it, I could see that the milk had gone sour. So I could not give it to them.

I said, “Next time, I’ll bring you milk.”

Fresh milk represents prayers and offerings that I will make for these souls. Milk represents purity and the cleansing of their souls.

I understood that the black coffee represents the darkness of their souls due to the sins they carry, which are still quite dark.

Giving them milk means that their suffering would ease as it wipes away and purifies them of their sins, but not completely. Slowly they progress, some quicker than others, depending on the sins they committed, and it also depends on the Mercy of God.

During the Mass, I offered them to our Lord Jesus. I said, “Lord Jesus, I offer you all these souls that you permit me to experience and to be among them and to see their suffering and their needs. Please be merciful to them and relieve them of their suffering.”

These souls will be lifted to a higher place in Purgatory, closer to Heaven. But some will stay longer in this place to be purified.

Now (in the afternoon), Jesus said, “When you offer Me these souls, and you pray for them and suffer for them at the same time, you console Me as well.”

Lord, have mercy on these souls.