2 October 2022

Our Lord warns us about the Evil in the Harry Potter Books

Today during the Holy Mass, seated in front of me was a family with children. I noticed there was a book on the pew. Right away, I recognised the boy on the cover of the book. It was Harry Potter. I was looking to read the book’s title when, in an instant, our Lord stopped me.

He said, “Do not look at that book! The book is evil.”

“Look at the Altar! He said.

“That book should not be brought into the church. It is full of lies and sorcery.”

Many people think these books are just fairy tales for children, but they do not realise that they can affect people in a bad way. Reading this book can affect you spiritually. I did not finish reading the book’s title as our Lord stopped me.

Disturbance from evil spirits can affect you and your family. People should be careful of what books and other things they bring to their families.