30 September 2022

The Dark Horse Galloping amongst the Corpses

After being with the souls suffering in the furnace of Purgatory, I came back to my room. I then experienced a vision. It was an apocalyptic vision. Suddenly, I could see a large open space where everything was extremely dull and grey. I saw many dead people lying on the ground. There was only one horse galloping amongst the corpses. It was a dark horse. As I looked closer, I could see that the dead people were all soldiers, so many of them, hundreds and hundreds of them. They were all young men. All of them were dead.

In my heart, I knew this was a battlefield in a war. It looked like an open field. Only the horse was alive and galloping amongst the corpses. This vision stayed for quite a long time. It was right in front of me. It was immensely depressing.

I knew right away this was an apocalyptic sign.

At first, I thought, ‘How come the horse is alive, and all the others are dead?’

Then it came into my heart, ‘The horse is a sign to announce what is coming. Whatever is prophesied must come to fulfilment.

The horse was galloping from left to right everywhere, like he was announcing what is coming.

Please pray because these are apocalyptic signs. Our Lord always warns us of things to come.

Lord Jesus, cover us in Your Most Precious Blood and protect us.