30 September 2022

Souls being tossed in the Flames of Purgatory

During the night, as usual, I suffered a lot of pain in my leg for the Holy Souls. The angel then came and took me to Purgatory, to a particular place where there were mainly men. We found ourselves in what looked like a house, very shabby and in ruins. Inside was a table that looked more like a long bench, on which sat one long container with ice blocks in it, like you would put in a drinking glass.

Surprised at seeing the ice, I said to the angel, “I have never seen ice cubes like this in Purgatory before.”

The angel said, “Do you know that this place is a place of very intense suffering? The scorching heat is so intense that the souls cannot take it. I have brought you here so that you can quench their thirst.”

Suddenly, one gentleman came forward, and others began to follow him. In a very distressed and agitated state, the gentleman said, “Lady, give me something to cool me down. I can’t take it anymore! I can’t take it anymore!”

Suddenly a glass container with a seal appeared in my hand. It was full of murky water. I tried to open it but could not do it right away.

I said, “I can’t give you this unclean water. I will give you some clean water.”

His suffering was so severe that his whole body was shaking. He then just disappeared. I asked the angel, “Where did he go?”

The angel replied, “He couldn’t wait anymore. He has no patience because of his immense suffering.”

Then many other souls started to approach me, both men and women. With outstretched hands like beggars, they said, “Give us something to cool us off.”

They were coming from a furnace. The gentleman who ran away because he could not take it anymore wanted instant help.

So I took the ice cubes and placed them in their hands because they were all begging me for help. As I began to do this, I noticed that the ice cubes were not melting in their hands.

The ice cubes represent our offerings which will ease their suffering due to their sins. We would offer the Holy Souls to our Lord so that He can quench their thirst. We do this by offering Holy Masses for them. We can even place them at the foot of the Holy Altar during the Holy Mass, which will ease their suffering, and our Lord will quench their thirst through His Mercy. For our Lord to do this, we have to offer the Holy Souls to Him so that He can give them His Mercy; otherwise, He cannot help them, and they cannot help themselves.

Once you offer them to our Lord, you have to trust in Him that they will be relieved from their horrible suffering, and you continue to pray for them.

Feeling so sad for these souls, I said, “Lord, please be merciful to these souls.”

I was thinking about how casually we live here on earth. We do not think of what awaits us if we do not live according to God’s Commandments.

If we repent, God is merciful.

These souls were coming from another building, and that is where they are doing their suffering, their purgation. For them, it does not mean that they go to Heaven immediately; instead, they are lifted from there to another part of Purgatory. So they are still in Purgatory and need more prayers and offerings because they offended our Lord so much during their life.

Theirs is a very horrible and intense suffering. I was brought there to help these souls, so I offered them to our Lord.

Lord Jesus said, “They are not there anymore. Today they are lifted from this place but still remain in Purgatory. Their suffering is not that intense now.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being merciful to these poor souls.