14th February

At 3am, I woke with a severe pain under my ribs. It was like a knife piercing me and the pain was unbearable. I was in tears and didn’t understand why I was experiencing this. I tried to get up and walk, but couldn’t move and kept calling to Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord to help me. All was silent and very peaceful around me and I even thought that I would die, because of the persistent pain. After a while, during this severe agony, Our Lord Jesus appeared to me, very sad.
He spoke and said, “My child, the pain that you have I gave to you. Please accept with love. Bear it for me and please console me for I am gravely offended. I suffer for so many offences I receive from mankind. Look at my Sacred Heart. It is pierced daily and I am crucified over and over again. The suffering I give you is for impurity, the sin of the flesh of mankind.”

He looked at me very sadly and said, “my child, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t give you suffering for them, but to console me, your Lord. You know, my child, they have to answer for all and give an account for all the sins they commit. See, my child, no one cares any more for the sin of the flesh, or any sin. The priests in the church don’t teach people any more about purity these days. Everything is accepted. Mortal sin is no more counted as a sin.”

Then Our Lord showed me in a vision how dirty the sin is on our souls. He gathered all the darkness together. He mixed the substance to a paste and when the filth became hard, like plaster with green and black spots, he told me that when this covers our souls and mankind slowly cannot recognise mortal sin and no longer has remorse in their conscience as a sin. Our Lord was so sad, he was in tears while giving me this message and explained so that I would better understand.
Please console Our Lord. Stop offending Him for He is already offended too much.

The Angel stayed with me when Our Lord left. He said, “Mankind do not understand the love of God, but keep on offending Him. If only they would understand. I tell you, nothing in this world matters, no matter how great it is, nothing can compare to the beauty of God’s glory, that is in Heaven.”

I said, ‘My Lord and my God, have mercy on all mankind.”