9th April

St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands, Sunday.

After Holy Communion I was thinking of Our Lord Jesus. He appeared in a beautiful aura of light. He was very happy and said, “Since you offer me everyone and thank me, you forgot the prisoners. The souls in prison need to be offered and prayed for too. Send me there so I can bless them. They are very dear to my Sacred Heart, for I love all my children, even though they offend me, but my love still burns for them all. I want to pour all my love and graces on all my children in prison.”

That moment, I said to my Lord, “I do offer all your children in prison.” I saw in a vision Our Lord showed me, inside a prison, high up inside the building. He was blessing them and beams of light were coming down on the people. Our Lord smiled, as He was very happy to bless them.
Our Lord would often ask me to offer Him the sick, dying, oppressed and all the disadvantaged souls. He loves everyone and wants us to pray for them.

I said, “Thankyou, my loving Lord, for loving us so much”.