14th September 2014

I the Church at St. Margaret Mary, I heard God the Father say, “My daughter the behaviour of this world is out of control. It is so violent and sinful it is outrage. How sad it makes Me to watch humanity behaving worse than ferocious lions. No feeling or remorse in his very cold heart. I the Lord show the world My Holy Cross and I died on the Cross to save you and redeem you but the world rejects and rebels against Me.
Let Me remind you My children especially in this time and in this century, you are living out of control. And the more you deny your God the more you will experience troubles everywhere, with the ferocious and unpredictable weather. It is upon you all but you still remain blind to change, how long will it take to see the Truth.
My children, Crosses are very precious without it there is no life and salvation. Come to Me and repent of all evil and I will free you from all your burden that you carry in you.
I your Lord and God have so much to offer you, life and love for all your eternity.”
The our Lord God continued, “Tell My people My child, I the Lord have spoken the True and Holy Word. Soon I will close Heaven and I will not hear or accept your cry or pleas for My Mercy. The time is short tell the world to repent now before it is too late.”
How long can our Lord beg us. Have mercy of us Lord.