Saturday 6 September 2014

Whilst I was praying this morning our Lord Jesus came to me. He said, “My child, today I want to explain to you how people judge one another, for good or bad, based on what is visible on the exterior.”
“For instance, they say, this person is good, he works very hard and he is honest, even if he does not know God. But I tell you My children, I judge completely differently, what I see of a person is  on the inside.”
“Valentina, if a person worked hard all his life and achieved all his wealth in the world but does not know God he is very poor and miserable. His soul is empty and dry. Like a leaf that falls from a tree onto the ground, it dries up and crumbles and turns into nothing and has no life.”
Our Lord used this as an example so that we could better understand.
He said, “Your labour and sacrifice that you offer to God, your love and compassion you show to others, then your reward will be in Heaven. My children, I beg you please don’t judge one another, leave all the judgement to Me. I judge completely differently.”
He said smiling, “Your work is to bring others to conversion, repentance and to know and to love God.”