15 February 2021

Visiting St Bernadette’s Church to Greet to our Lord


This evening, on the way to visit some friends, my friend and I stopped at St Bernadette’s Church.

We entered the church to say hello to our Lord.  I knelt before the Tabernacle and began praying the Divine Praises to Him, and I was thanking Him. It was so serene and peaceful in this church. There was only me and my friend present.


I said to the Lord, “Lord, it is so beautiful and peaceful here. Nobody is here, but I know that the holy angels are around the Altar. Oh, what a beautiful church! I love this church; the Tabernacle, the kneelers, everything in the church. It’s so heavenly!”


I was really happy.


Lord Jesus smiled, and He said, “I know how much you love this church, and you like to come here, but for now, I want you to continue to go to the church in Parramatta. I need you there.”


Only our Lord knows the reason why He wants me to go to the church in Parramatta.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the beautiful grace to be in Your holy presence.