20 February 2021

Shortage of Food in the World


Tonight, our Lord spoke to me about the coming shortage of food. He said, “Don’t waste your food. There are so many people in the world that are hungry, and it will become worse. People do not recognise it yet, but in many parts of the world, they do. They are hungry and suffer a shortage of food because it is not shared. It will not get better but will get worse till it hits a peak, then it will really hit the world, and then people will realise they need to turn to God.”


The angel said, “When the time of shortage of food comes to the world, the supermarkets will only permit tinned food, one carton for every three people. It will be limited. Pray and tell people to convert for the times are coming fast for all events to happen.”


People will not be able to just charge into supermarkets and grab anything they please. Instead, there will be security guards at the entrances, controlling people. Food will be rationed and given to people, in a similar way charity food boxes are given to those in need.