21 February 2021

Our Lord waits for us in the Tabernacle

(This message was received on the 12 February 2021)


Today I was quite upset and depressed about things, and everything was building up. In the evening, I prayed the Holy Rosary and went to bed, hoping I would get some peaceful sleep. However, it was not to be; all night, I had pains all over my body, suffering for Holy Souls.


Then, towards the morning, around five o’clock, I made the Sign of the Cross and started to pray the Holy Rosary.


During my prayers, the Angel came and said to me, “I am the Angel of the Lord. Our Lord sent me to come and ask you to come with me.”


Immediately, I thought that I would be going to see some souls in Purgatory to console them, but instead, the Angel took me to a beautiful place, which I have never visited before. We walked and walked when suddenly we came to a most beautiful Grotto. I noticed surrounding the Grotto was a little wall.


The Angel said, “It is now that you have to take a chance. You have to cross over.”


I felt that I should not cross this wall, yet I did as instructed by the Angel, first with one leg and then the other. The Angel stayed behind. As I put my first foot over, I felt like an electric shock in my leg. I knew that this is a very sacred place.


I found myself in the Grotto. I recognised our Lord Jesus, seated in the middle with a little low stool next to Him. Our Lord was very young, a teenager; He did not have a beard. He had what looked like a white turban on His Head, quite high, square in shape, with three distinct layers of pure white fabric draped evenly around. Two silky ribbons, white as snow, were hanging from either side of His Head and resting on His shoulders. He looked like Royalty, like a King. He is the King.


I said to our Lord, “Oh, my Lord, I am sorry that I have just barged in on You like this!”


He said, “No, I was waiting for you.” Pointing to the low stool, He said, “I have prepared a little seat for you here.”


“Sit down,” He said.


I sat down facing our Lord, very close to Him.


He said, “I have called you here. I know you suffer a lot, I give you a lot of suffering, and you go through a lot, but today is a special treat for you. Ask Me anything! What can I do for you?”


I replied, “Nothing really, Lord.” I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to lament to Him about material things.’ I felt this is too sacred a place to talk about these things.


Again, our Lord said, “Anything you ask of Me, I will do it for you.”


I asked our Lord if He could help a relative of mine that needs help.


“All in good time, it will be done,” He said.


I said, “Oh, Lord, You look so beautiful. Look at Your skin!”


Our Lord allowed me to caress His Cheek, which was so smooth and satiny, so beautiful. I caressed His cheek like a mother would caress her child. This consoles our Lord.


I said, “Lord, I feel uncomfortable that I just barged in like this. I feel this place is a very sacred place and is very holy.”


He said, “You see, that is how I Am; waiting for My children to visit Me. This is how I present Myself in the Tabernacle.”


He asked, “Why are you so sad? You see, that is why I wait for you and call you here so that I can talk to you. All this that you experience, about the Coronavirus, all the negativity that you hear on earth, you must not take it into your heart so deeply, knowing that I Am present and that I Am with you. See how so intimately we come together and are related, and I want to heal you of all that sadness. If only My children knew how to come to Me, I would heal everyone, but they do not. They stay with Me for a little while, and then they drift away.”


“Constantly, in the world, they talk about one thing and another, making people very upset. But you must come close to Me and think of Me. I Am in the Tabernacle, I Am alive, and I know all of what you are going through and what you experience in the world, and it is going to get worse! They are causing and planning all kinds of evil,” He said.


Our Lord talked to me for a while about many things to make me feel better. Then all of a sudden, His facial expression changed from serious to one of joy. He said, “You know what? Let us sing! Leave everybody and the world behind!”


Then our Lord started singing, and I sang with Him. Our two voices became one voice going up. He looked up, and I looked up. It was so beautiful. I have never heard such beautiful singing. We were singing the highest notes. I didn’t realise that I could sing so beautifully. It was not my earthly voice that was singing, but my spirit and my soul.


We sang and sang until my cat walked in, and I suddenly found myself back in my room, still singing, and then everything stopped when my cat started meowing. I would have asked our Lord what kind of song we were singing if it had not been for the disturbance caused by my cat.


The peace and joy that I received from our Lord remained with me all day long. It was like I was in a trance. All the sadness and the negativity of the world had left me. This is for everyone. People suffer and are depressed, especially at this time, and our Lord is there, in the Holy Tabernacle, waiting for us. He is waiting for us to meditate on Him. He wants to have an intimate relationship with each one of us.


We can say to our Lord:

Lord, I do not want You to wait,

but if You can help me and heal me,

and give me peace and courage

so that I can keep going on with my life.

I thank you, Lord Jesus.