15th August, 2012

Our Blessed Mother Mary appeared early morning during prayers. She looked unhappy, saying, “I am supposed to be very happy on this very special day of my Assumption when I ascended into Heaven, body and soul. My Son Jesus would not allow my body to be corrupted on earth. All the Heavenly beings are rejoicing and praising My Son for what He has done, for bringing His Mother and raising her to the most high above all other creatures.”

“This is why I am mother of all you children on earth and in Heaven. I could never stop caring for you children on earth, especially in these times. People in the world are so confused their minds are just spinning around.” She showed me a bowl spinning on a table without any direction.

She said, “The devil is really controlling everyone, he makes sure they are confused. That is the way the world is today, amusing them with electronic toys and gadgets, keeping people occupied so they don’t turn to God. This upsets my Son very much. Soon, He will give a great sign to the world so they know He exists.”

“Encourage people to attend confession regularly and to go to Holy Mass and prayers which are so essential for your souls. That way you are in a state of Grace and the devil cannot touch you so easily. You have no idea when my Son sees His Children around Him, particularly in Confession, how happy He is. He will give you anything you ask of Him.”

Later, during Holy Mass

The priest was distributing Holy Communion. Instantly, Our Blessed Mother Mary appeared, standing at the centre of the Altar, holding Baby Jesus surrounded by a brilliant aura of light emanating from Him toward the communicants approaching the Priest.

Our Blessed Mother Mary was arrayed in a brilliant white robe. Her head was covered in a deep blue mantle which reached down to her feet. The mantle was richly embroidered on the border with intricate silver and gold.

She appeared in this way to show that Our Lord is truly present in the holy Sacrament. We should make sure that we are in a state of grace when receiving the Holy Eucharist.