4th August, 2012

While in St Margaret Mary’s Church, a vision came to me during Holy Mass.

An angel appeared saying, “I will show you what is going on in some churches throughout the world.”

“See the Priest, first he will preach the Word of God, but afterward, Holy Mass is finished there is another story. Some gather together, in sinful situations, indulging in shameful relations. The devil is ruling them and leading them into this terrible sinful situation.”

“These priests should remain in prayer to remove these desires of the flesh.”

I said, “I cannot bear to watch this. It is very shameful. How can I write this?”

The angel answered, “you must write what Gods sees. They must realise that their sin is not a secret in God’s eyes. He knows everything.”

I thought to myself, “how can I write this?”

Our Lord said, “I want you to write what the Angel showed you. Because you are part of Me, understand how this so deeply offends Me. How My Churches are shamefully sacrileged. Pray for things to change.”

Lord, please have Mercy.