26 July 2012

Vision of St Anne
This morning when I was praying our Blessed Mother appeared to me with an Angel.

She smiled and said, “Today I come to tell you that you will receive a very special
grace, I will introduce to you my mother St. Anne whom you have never met before.”

All of a sudden she raised her right hand up and the vision appeared. I could see our
Blessed Mother and an angel, and I could see a lady wearing a very soft long pink
dress (gown). Our Blessed Mother, smiling, said to me, “My child I want you to meet
my mother, St Anne. I know you would be very happy and thrilled to meet her.”

That moment she directed her right hand towards St Anne and gave St Anne
permission to talk to me.

Then St Anne started talking to me. She said, “It is a privilege talking to you
Valentina, and to meet you.”

I said, “St Anne it is my overwhelming privilege to meet you. You are the Patroness
of my village, where I was born in Slovenia, and of the little church dedicated to your
name. We all love you very much. We celebrate your Feast Day. She said, “I know,
that is why you were chosen to meet me.”

I thanked the Lord for this grace He gives us today. At that moment I saw our Lord
Jesus standing in a Heavenly garden and I said to St Anne, “Isn’t our Lord Jesus
beautiful.” He was glowing. The dark hair around the side of His Face was glowing
with golden light. His hair was changing from a dark colour to more golden. St Anne
said, “He is so holy, He is the Lamb of God.” She was praising Him.

I said, “Blessed Mother thank you for introducing me to St Anne your mum. I thank our Lord Jesus for giving me the grace to meet her.” I said to St Anne, “You are the grandmother of our Lord Jesus.”

Whilst we were praising and thanking our Lord together and talking to St Anne our Blessed Mother, who was to my left slowly withdrew and wasn’t in my sight.

Thank you Lord Jesus and Blessed Mother Mary for this beautiful experience.