16 February 2022

Pray the Holy Rosary Sincerely and with the Heart

This morning when I was praying, the Angel of the Lord came to visit me and said, “The Blessed Mother, Mary Most Holy wants to see you. She has sent me for you to come with me.”

Suddenly the angel and I found ourselves in a beautiful heavenly garden. We went towards a red brick building where Blessed Mother was waiting. She greeted us with a smile. We all went inside and entered a large room.

Blessed Mother said, “I want to give you encouragement and tell you how much we love you, me and my Son Jesus. I know you suffer a lot for the Holy Souls, but from time to time, we bring you to our Heavenly home so that you will feel good and happy, and you will renew your spirit.”

She said, “Come with me!”

Blessed Mother then walked outside into the Heavenly Garden, and I followed her. She said, “I have something beautiful to give you. A gift.”

She walked towards some green foliage, similar to ferns, and nearby was a large transparent glass pot containing water and flowers. She took out one of the beautiful pale pink flower stems and then came to me and said, “This is from me to you.”

I said, “Oh, what a beautiful flower Blessed Mother! I will cherish this flower forever and put it next to my statue at home. Thank you!”

The flower was a soft pink rose with no thorns, but I noticed tiny roots protruding from the end of the stem because it was sitting in water.

As Blessed Mother and I walked back towards the building, and just before we entered, there was a beautiful rose bush with deep pink-coloured roses climbing one side of a large arch. I was admiring their beauty.

I said, “Oh, I love that!”

Blessed Mother looked at the two angels standing with us, indicating to them to pick up the climbing roses. They did so; an angel on either side. I watched with amazement as they stretched the rose bush across the arch to the other side. It was like an elastic expanding, getting bigger, and at the same time, none of the roses breaking.

Instantly the whole arch was full of the most beautiful flowers, all the very deepest pink with much greenery. I have never seen anything like this before.

Then we went back into the house, and Blessed Mother Mary Most Holy said, “I have something to show you.”

So she went through a door into another room and came back carrying a large silver container, like a sieve.

She placed it on a table and said, “Come close, my daughter, and see for yourself. These are the Rosary gems. See for yourself.”

I saw the sieve was full of gems, all sizes, large and small, all different shapes and very colourful; they looked like the most precious jewels, all loose.

Admiring them, I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, I have never seen anything like this before. It is so beautiful.”

Blessed Mother smiled and said, “They are very precious, these are first-class when you and other children send them to us in Heaven, but there are also many rejects as well when prayer is not properly said and offered to us.”

While she was showing me the beads, our Lord appeared as a young Lad accompanied by another angel. Our Lord does not want us to think that He is not present, so He came very close next to Blessed Mother and touched something on the table, and He kept looking and smiling, just to show me that there is nothing we do without Him.

Blessed Mother then said, “Valentina, I want to remind you to ring me tonight. I want you to ring me.”

I was a little bit anxious and thought to myself, ‘How am I going to ring her? Where is the number?’

She continued, “And I will answer. There will be two rings, ‘ding’ ‘ding’, like the sound of a little bell, and I will know that it is from you. Oh, what a delight it will be in my Immaculate Heart and a joy.”

“Will you do that for me?” She asked.

I replied, “Oh yes, my Mother, I will ring you.”

Blessed Mother said, “You are such an inspiration to us.”

While standing there with the angels, I whispered to them, “But how am I going to ring her? Can you write down the number?” The angels just laughed so much, and Blessed Mother laughed too as she overheard my question. At that moment, I understood that when we pray, as soon as we make the Sign of the Cross and offer our prayer to our Blessed Mother and our Lord, she knows that it is from you, and a little ‘ding’ sound is heard in heaven.

Blessed Mother then said to the two angels, “Will you take Valentina back home and take care of her?”

I said to the angel, “But do you know where I live?” I started to give directions to the angels when they began to laugh again.

They said, “No need, we all know where you live.”

Even though I am in Heaven, I still think the earthly way.

Blessed Mother explained that the beautiful gems she showed me represent Rosary beads. The more sincerely we pray from the heart and meditate on the Mysteries of our Lord Jesus, about His life while He lived on earth, there is so much reward in the Holy Rosary. These prayers are more precious than diamonds and rubies. All the prayers that are not sincere or good fall through the sieve and are rejected.

Blessed Mother always said to me to pray slowly, to talk to her and our Lord when I pray.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, for teaching me so I can tell all your children on earth to pray the Holy Rosary with the heart.