17 February 2022

Lots of Prayer is Needed Right Now

When I was praying this morning, the angel came and said, “You have to come with me to see God the Father. He wants to talk to you.”

The angel then took me to Heaven, to a lovely lush green garden, where I could see God the Father sitting in a most exquisite chair. He was ever so beautifully groomed with shorter hair and no beard, and He was dressed all in white. Immediately I glorified Him, instantly falling on my knees next to Him.

I said, “Glory to You, my Father.”

God the Father said, “My daughter, I want to talk to you; that is why I brought you here.” He was very happy and cheerful.

God the Father said, “My daughter, why I brought you here is because there is so much I want to tell you. The world is not getting any better. It is very sinful. Oh, what a mess! It is a mess wherever I look. Wherever I look, My poor children live in a sinful state, and they keep going on in that way like there is no tomorrow.”

“One good thing that there is My daughter is I removed part of the Coronavirus. It is not as dangerous as it was. I have pity on My children so that they can go back to work to survive. They have to earn a living and provide for their families.”

“Another thing I want to tell you is that the war with Russia, for the time being, is suspended but not completely stopped. It can come back with a brutal attack, with disasters and killings. My children do not relax but pray very much. Right now, it is needed, and a lot of things can be suspended through prayer and with My intervention to stop evil advancing.”

Our Lord God gestured with urgency with His Hand and said, “I will repeat again; lots of prayer is needed! Prayer is needed to reach Heaven! More prayer, more prayer is needed! Tell My children to repent of their sins!”

God the Father was repeating this all day long, “More prayer is needed!”

“My daughter encourage people to pray, and proclaim My True Holy Word to people and tell them I the Father love everybody. I want everybody to come to Me.”

I felt so good in our Lord’s presence. He is a true Father caring for His children on earth. He knows what we need in our daily lives. We should be very grateful to our Lord God.