16th May, 2005

Blessed Mary Most Holy came to me this morning as I prayed the Angelus and said, “Praised be Jesus, now and forever, My daughter.”

“I thankyou for giving people consolation and courage when they need it in their trials and tribulations. When they ask why their prayers are not heard, they think God must be far away and does not hear. ‘He distances Himself and does not hear us’ they say.”

Blessed Mary was smiling and said, “On the contrary, tell everyone He hears all your prayers and He is not far away from you. He is always among you. Tell them not to lose hope but trust in My Son, Jesus. The graces will come. Sometimes your prayers are not sincere, that is why it takes longer. You must open your hearts and free yourselves from all distractions of the world, especially the sin. Confess openly and when you strive to make a new life, Jesus sees this and will help you because He loves His children.”

“Pray and be peaceful. Have charity toward one another. This pleases Our Lord very much. Thank Almighty Father for everything He gives you. Your life without Him would not exist.”

“I, your Mother, love you and lead you toward your Heavenly home. Your earthly home is only for a very short time and passes very quickly, but your real home is Heaven. This home is for eternity with unending joy and happiness. Do not lose hope, My children. Offer your suffering and troubles to God. He will send you relief and surprise you with His goodness because He loves you. Be at peace. I love you and bless you.”

Thankyou sweet Mother, Queen of May. Pray for us.