24th May, 2005


This morning, while praying, Our Blessed Mother appeared with little Baby Jesus. They both were clothed in the same colour, a soft pinkish red. Our Lord wore a diadem on His head, which He took off and tossed it down. (The accompanying Angel picked it up and held it in his hand). This represents that Our Lord cast off His glory to become as His poor children on earth.

Holy Mary placed Jesus in my arms. He was of an age not more than 18 months old. She said, “Love My Son very much and console Him, for others grieve His Sacred Heart and offend Him. He is very happy to come to you. He wants you to nurse Him.”

I noticed He had little deep blue socks on His feet. He pulled one off and gave it to me saying, “You have to mend it for Me.” The little sock had pulls and loops and while I was looking at it in my hand He said, “See, I am one of them, a poor abandoned child that no one wants and rejects. In this world, each child that suffers is Me in them and I suffer with them. My heart is broken. My child, speak My word to the people. Let My voice be above all. Don’t be afraid. I am a compassionate God and gentle but just in My true word. Tell people to change and convert and be more compassionate toward the poor and rejected in so many places in the world.”

Then the little Infant said to me, “See My Mother and I, We are one. We share the same sadness and joy together.” He pointed to Holy Mary’s dress and said, “We are clothed in the same fabric.” Then, looking at me, He said, “I clothe Her, We are one in everything. Love Her very much, She loves and trusts you so I can be in your arms. Remain faithful always to Us, not like some of Our children. They are with us for a while, but soon they turn to worldly goods and they leave Us and We are so many times left sad and rejected. So much confusion in this world.”

Our Blessed Mother was in the company of an Angel and St Mathilde. Our Lord told me that St. Mathilde is a great Saint and wants us to pray to her. I want to tell you what a joy it is to hold the Baby Jesus in my arms. I can’t express the happiness in my heart. Please console Jesus and Holy Mary by being united to Them and to think of the poor, abandoned children of this world. May God Bless you all.