16TH OCTOBER, 2006

This morning when I offered everything to our Lord, I said, “Let it be Your Holy Will, not mine,” and asked Him to be merciful to everyone. The sick, the suffering and the dying and to protect all people. I asked our Lord for this deceased person.
Our Lord appeared to me and said, “ He needs a lot of prayer and Masses to be said for him. Now that you and I are conversing intimately, he is standing right next to you, Valentina, My child.”

I said, “Oh! My Lord! What does he want from me?”

Our Lord answered, “He is hungry for spiritual food from you (prayer).”

I asked, “Lord Jesus, my Lord, does he know that we are talking to one another?”
Jesus said, “He knows a little bit. Only what I permit him, but he is safe, I know all souls.”

I said, “Lord Jesus, thankyou for all the graces you send me. Even the pain in my body.”

“Bear it with love,” He said, “Because you know, My child, that I will take away your pain very soon and restore you back to your health like I always do. Just trust Me and help Me to save many souls and sinners in the world. Pray for them. Valentina, be always obedient to My will.”

“I love you and bless you. Be at peace.”