28TH OCTOBER, 2006

The Angel of the Lord spoke to me while I was praying. It was about the drought in this country of Australia.

He said, “People don’t seem to be concerned about this disaster which is upon you all. Soon you will not have enough water to drink if this continues. The sin which offends God is a serious crime against His goodness. Tell people to repent and pray so that God, in His mercy, can change this.”

“This summer, you will have fires everywhere. They will be hard to put out because of the extreme heat. Pray that God will listen to your prayers and have mercy on this land of Australia.”

In a vision I saw fire everywhere. The flames were reaching and burning very quickly near houses.

The Blessed Mother, Mary most Holy also told me, “This land, Australia, will not experience war as in other countries, but they will experience different sufferings that God permits, like drought, shortage of water and the economy falling low. This is also very bad, My children. You must return to God. He is the only solution for all your problems.”

“If people pray and change, God is love and goodness, He will grant your wishes and bless you abundantly. Australia must love God and ask Him to be merciful. They should all fall on their knees.”