17 February 2016

Appearance of David Bowie

Between three thirty and four o’clock in the afternoon, I was in my lounge room praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

During my prayer, all of a sudden a man appeared before me and stood in front of my coffee table which was next to the lounge where I was sitting. I felt a sudden chill overcome me. The man was tall, very slim and was wearing tight red pants. He looked like a clown. He was very pale with slicked back, short cropped blonde hair.

I thought to myself, “Who is this clown?” He was just about to say something to me when my son walked into the lounge room. The soul instantly vanished. While the soul was present in my lounge room, I felt very cold. I knew in my heart that it was David Bowie. I felt very sorry for him. I grabbed my bottle of Holy Water and sprayed the room and said, “May your soul rest in peace.”